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San Diego Welding and Fabrication.


We can help you turn your vision into reality, we will work with you and use our knowledge to your advantage and make your vision come to life. We use the latest CAD software to assist with the design process


With a wide variety of tools on site we are capable of fabricating most projects, if we don’t have the right tool we use one of our partners to be able to complete the job, ensuring quality is delivered every time

Weld Repairs

Our Aviation certified welder is specializing in (GTAW) TIG welding process and is capable of completing weld repairs on virtually any type of metal to range from Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel. And more exotic metals like Titanium and Inconel


Another category we put under our belt is automotive. Modifying exhaust components. Turbo piping build. Custom bracketry. To welding a “weld it yourself” kits purchased from a larger production companies allowing us to weld together the kits and save customers money versus purchasing a already welded kit. Difference is most big production companies use the MIG welding process which is quick and easy to complete versus our TIG welding which is more time consuming but it comes with far greater quality and precision, since we are a small business we are able to offer the TIG welding service at a great cost to the final customer

Signage and Artwork

We have partnered with a Chula Vista based CNC Plasma cutting shop, to expand our capabilities and offer our customers a wider array of services, with that being said we have produced a few aluminum signs for San Diego based businesses using quality materials that will last. Our handcrafted signs are made with attention to detail and are true representation of out craftsmanship.

Equipment repairs and Modifications

Multiple San Diego small businesses have reached out to us, to repair and modify their equipment. San Diego area small gym owners are in constant need of modifications to their equipment to better customer experience and bring creative ideas to their gym.

Technical drawings and custom parts

We use CAD computer aided design software to design and develop parts for our customers. We have worked with several inventors on their patent projects helping them turn their ideas come to life. If it is in our capability we will make the prototype or partial prototype. Also develop a   CAD drawing of the part for the customer to keep. We can assist with material selection, finding the most cost efficient method to produce a part without sacrificing quality.


Looking to get started in welding but don’t know where to start, we can help by providing a 1 on 1 training. We are none accredited in teaching. Thus we can not issue a official certificates, but we can definitely share out knowledge and experience and get you started on the great and challenging journey of becoming a welder. If you are in San Diego are and you are looking to pick up a new skill shoot us a message

Our Partners

Our partners CNCPlasmaGuys and BigHeadzDesigns. We have partnered with a San Diego based CNC Plasma Cutting Shop to be able to expand our capabilities and bring new services on our menu list. With the availability of a CNC Plasma cutting table we can produce custom signs, yard decoration, doors, custom made parts, brackets and many more. 

CNCPlasmaGuys are a small plasma cutting shop located in the city of Chula Vista and serving San Diego area. They have over 10 years of experience in the CNC  industry. Using quality equipment from Hypotherm, industry leader in plasma cutting they are up to date in their field thats. And thats why we chose to partner with them.


“By far one of the best welders in San Diego has done tons of custom work from welding the thickest metal to as thin as a soda can he has what you need And don’t get me started on his prices WOW🤯 out of this world like buzz aldrin and good old Armstrong on the moon best prices and great quality of work for any welding needs I highly suggest this guy right here!!!!”


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